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So I said it again. It meant a lot, and I was honored that Stephanie wanted to be involved in my last night. There is no part of Mickie Melina loves more than Mickie's big booty she could spend days even weeks rubbing and spanking Mickie's amazing ass. They get back to the Divas locker room and Melina hangs her woman's title up on her coat hanger and turns to face Mickie. Melina lifts her head off Mickie's large bosom and looks up at her, "Oh were you not finished in stripping me Mickie? They had both started out as enemy's in OVW hating each other and Mickie was more than pissed off when Melina was called up to the main roster first but as they both went though wins and losses they soon found themselves on the same show being kept down as the Playboy cover girls and models took over and Mickie finally took Melina as a proper wrestler and Melina finally saw the dues Mickie had been made to pay on her way to becoming a WWE superstar.

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She slides her fingers under the waistband of her pink panties and in them idle of the empty locker room Melina slides her panties down in front of Mickie exposing her completely bare pussy.

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An Interesting PPV Match

For her to go into the pudding was an honor, and I'm happy she was involved in it. Melina said sorry that night by buying a big strap on and plowing Mickie's tight ass until the brunette passed out from the number of orgasms the anal fucking gave her. Hearing Melina's grunts and stomach presses had Mickie's thong nearly swimming in her own juices before she pounced on Melina and fucked her as hard as she could. And I was OK with that. Melina lifts her head off Mickie's large bosom and looks up at her, "Oh were you not finished in stripping me Mickie?

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