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And, women who are on the I pee a little when I sneeze end of the spectrum AND ejaculate a lot are probably suspecting to themselves maybe what comes out of me during sex is pee. A lot of women pee a little more than is socially acknowledged. Sign in Get started. Additionally, to create the appearance of authority, she gives you many links to check out. So, some like, study came out that said squirting was pee.

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The researchers also analyzed chemical concentrations in the urine samples before arousal and after squirting as well as the squirting sample itself.

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Study Concludes That Women Who Squirt During Sex Are Actually Peeing

But… it sure looks like women who are squirting a lot are squirting mostly pee. All of the women had empty bladders before sexual excitation, however, urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. Some women pee when they laugh too hard, some pee when they lift weights, some pee a little when they run. The findingswhich combine biochemical analyses with pelvic ultrasounds, were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on Christmas Eve. You know what I think is bad? This still makes female ejaculation different from urine. Researchers are now saying that squirting is essentially involuntary urination.

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do girls pee when they squirt
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do girls pee when they squirt
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